Magic touch


Welcome to the MAGIC TOUCH salon!

One of the aims when designing our facility was to create an unusual place for you which are beneficial not only by the massage, but also through its atmosphere – a door to “another world”. It is a sanctuary of peace and calm – a place without stress, tension, fast pace and pressure on your doing something.

Our wish is that every moment since you enter was a pleasure for your eyes, nose, ears and rest of your senses… and that these aspects enrich your life.

Our massages are carefully chosen and every one of them is more than just a simple massage. We don’t consider ourselves therapeutics; we are normal people and will care for you with an amount of empathy and humanity. We want to bring you joy, lightness, support and new energy.

You can choose from a variety of diverse massages.Every one of them is unique and they all have a common denominator – loving touch!

(Loving touch = complete attention of the masseuse, everybody has a characteristic requirement in a given moment and our attention can uncover that requirement. Than a loving touch becomes magical! And its effects spread out across your body, psyche and can affect other aspects of your being.) 

We are here for you to provide you with the right massage

Our masseuses